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People Leaders 
Empowerment Training

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"70% of the variance in team engagement is determined solely by the manager.”
- Gallup

Disengaged, disconnected, and discontent employees are the greatest barrier between where businesses are and where they want to be. Enhancing the skills of people leaders to empower their teams initiates a ripple effect across the organization, fostering transformative, positive outcomes in all performance and profitability indicators.

Empowered leaders empower teams.

People Leaders Empowerment Training strategically focuses on helping your leaders  discover and develop the essential skills needed to lead teams toward higher engagement and higher productivity.

  • 4 two-hour instructor led sessions
  • Practical, tangible assignments between sessions
  • Cohort connections with People Leaders from other organizations

People Leader Empowerment certification upon completion

½ Empowering Leaders

Two weeks focused on personal leadership & skill development.

  • Empowered leadership assessment
  • Personal Vision of Success
  • 3 Keys to Empowered Leadership
  • Overcoming personal barriers
  • Customized development plan
  • The 4 empowering relationships
  • Cascading empowerment

½ Empowering Teams

Two weeks focused on equipping leaders to empower the teams they lead. 

    • Empowering high engagement
    • Empowering high performance
    • The 5 Point Engagement model
    • The 5 Point Performance model
    • Empowered coaching
    • Inspiring & motivating teams
    • Ensuring sustainability
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