To be or not to be, That is the question.
– William Shakespeare


Yes, that is the question your employees and team members ask every day. To be themselves is not as simple as just showing up to work. Their level of engagement at work is directly related to their level of inclusion.  

We can measure diversity but how can we know if we are being inclusive or not? How do you measure inclusion? Organizations looking to foster an environment that gets the best people have to offer have to know where they are in order to know where they want to go.

Generally, inclusion means that people feel connected, heard, valued, respected and have a sense of belonging. People who feel included are more likely to bring their whole self to work – being true to who they are. The impact of inclusion can be seen in how people perform. 

We invite you to join us as we uncover new ways to explore inclusion in your organization and how to know what's working, and what needs more work. This webcast is designed to help you answer:

  • What is Inclusion and what does it look like in your organization?
  • What are the benefits of going the extra step to measure inclusion?
  • How do we measure inclusion?
  • What are some best practices?
  • How do we get started?

Join The Kaleidoscope Group’s Mary Hunter, (Senior Vice President of Assessment and Research), Amber Payton, (Senior Consultant),) and Reginald Ponder (Executive Marketing Lead) for More Than A Feeling: How Measuring Inclusion Improves Your Organization” on Thursday, February 27th from 11:00 am to Noon CDT, for an open conversation about elevating diversity through measuring inclusion.

SHRMYou will receive 1 SHRM PDC credit for attending this webinar.

In many spheres of human endeavor, from science to business to education to economic policy, good decisions depend on good measurement.

- Ben Bernanke

We consider these webcasts an opportunity to have real conversations and truly believe the interaction and learning will not be as rich without your perspective.  Please join us to add your voice and advance the conversation because we are better together.