“There are only two ways to establish competitive advantage: do things better than others or do them differently.” - Karl Albrecht, Entrepreneur, and Founder of supermarket chain Aldi

More organizations are investing in leadership development programs to build strong, diverse, benches of people capable of representing the next generation of leaders. It’s a smart investment and one your company should be making. Top-performing companies are embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion modules into leadership development curricula to “future-proof” their business models and grow their bottom lines—including leadership training initiatives. Is your organization doing the same? 

But leadership development isn’t just for the C-Suite anymore. Every employee, at every level, should have access to some degree of leadership training. Not only does it demonstrate value for your people, but it also motivates your teams, increases job satisfaction, and lowers attrition. Not every manager is a leader; sometimes leaders can be bad at people management. Even seasoned leadership benefits from “level-appropriate” training and development because…

Great leaders don’t follow a DEI strategy, they drive DEI strategy and hold themselves accountable for its success. Without great leaders, your DE&I initiatives will likely flounder with lackluster, meaningless outcomes.

Join us for a one-hour webcast on Wednesday, March 22nd from 1 to 2 pm CT for some “real talk” on this important topic that will answer certain questions, challenge some perceptions, and help you map out the next phase of your DEI journey. 

We want you to be part of the conversation! Please join us for some real talk in a
complimentary one-hour Webcast:


Pitfalls to Avoid, and Must Haves, for Maximum Impact with Your DEI Survey

Thursday, October 27th, 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. (CST)

Space is limited on a first-come, first-serve basis, so save your spot now! 



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Attendees will leave this fast-paced, interactive, session with a better understanding of:  

  • How DEI skills help build and sustain a culture of leaders and leadership.
  • The difference between managers and leaders—and how managers can become better leaders.
  • The intersection between inclusive management styles and effective leadership.

Two of Kaleidoscope Group’s most engaging and informative consultants will present thought-provoking concepts, answer your questions, and moderate an honest discussion; while also using the discussion to learn what’s most important to you and your organization when it comes to Leadership Development. Meet Our Presenters: 

  • Mitch Brown is a Senior Consultant and Master Facilitator for The Kaleidoscope Group, a consulting firm dedicated to providing organizations with strategies and solutions for diversity and inclusion. In his role, he leads clients with workplace strategies to transform their organizations. 
  • Reginald Ponder, Executive Marketing Lead at The Kaleidoscope Group, is an Advertising/Marketing professional, who believes everyone wins when brands truly meet the needs of consumers. Be it on the client or agency side, he has spent the last 30-plus years using consumer insights to increase sales and improve lives. 


Space is limited so register today. Have a colleague who might want to attend? Share this email with them today.

We consider these webcasts an opportunity to have real conversations and truly believe the interaction and learning will not be as rich without your perspective. Please join us to add your voice and advance the conversation. 

We Are Truly Better Together.

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